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TAJIMA Pull Stroke Saws/Handy Saw


Retractable Blade Saw & Utility Knife
  • Retractable-blade hand saws for close quarters work, also doubles as utility knives.
  • 3 inch saw configurations: fine-cut, compass-cut & wood-working/pruning.
  • 3/4 inch, 8-point snap-off Endura utility blade, stored in the handle.
  • Positive Dial Lock blade extension.
  • Stainless-steel blade sleeve.
  • Ergonomic sure-grip handle.
  • Replacement saw blades are interchangeable with each saw.
  • Use utility knife blades LCB-50C & LCB-50-50
    • HS-EB $10.50*
    • HS-MB $10.50*
    • HS-SB $10.50*
      • Replacement blades HS M-S-E $6.99*
  • LCB-50-50 $13.99* (50 blade pack)
Scrape-Rite™ Series Heavy Duty Scrapers
  • Heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum head with 3 ¾ inch wide scraping edge
  • Strong twin-bolt blade locking with spring-loaded clamp
  • Angled head/blade to generate fast and efficient scraping action
  • Reversible blade for standard or razor-sharp scraping
  • Hi-impact reinforced shaft with stainless steel end cap for hammering
  • Thick elastomer-wrapped handle provides a comfortable, sure grip
  • Includes 3 Endura blades in a safety hard pack
  • Use Endura snap-blades LCB-50C, LCB-50D, LCB-50-50, LCB-62
    • SCR-L 200 $17.00*
    • SCR-L 300 $20.99*
    • SCR-L 600 $25.00*
Rapid Pull 4-Piece Saw Set
  • 4-piece set include two Rapid Pull pull-stroke blades, straight handle, and canvas case.
  • Razor-sharp 15 TPI and 18 TPI blades with triple cutting-edge teeth, impulse hardened for durability.
  • Premium-grade thin spring steel blades for fast cross-cuts, flexes for ultra-close flush-cuts.
  • Light weight wood handle with tubular elastomer grip for comfort and non-slip performance.
  • Patented quick-connect blade retainer holds blade securely yet allows for fast blade change.
  • Heavy-weight canvas tri-fold case with 4 full-length pockets and convenient hook and loop closure.
    • TSBBK $35.00*
    • TSBBK-300 (replacement saw blade 12pt) $10.49*
  • Aggressive-cut pull-stroke saws with locking fold-out handles.
  • Razor-sharp 9 TPI blade with triple cutting-edge teeth, impulse hardened for durability.
  • Premium-grade thin spring steel blade for fast cross-cuts, flexes for ultra-close flush-cuts .
  • Comfortable, sure-grip elastomer handles with blade retainer clips.
  • In 9.4 inch (240 mm) and 8.2 inch (210 mm) blade length mode.
    • GK-G210 $19.00*
    • GK-G240 $20.00*
  *Prices are FOB

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